The HuCKLE BEARErS are a folk-americana duo based out of Denver, but will travel for music!

Nicholas Fennel and Eric Thompson met in 2006, both at turning points in their lives. They began working together playing with a 5-piece, trumpet focused, outlaw country band called Dead Dogs. They played throughout Wisconsin, building notoriety, while opening for Justin Vernon's project Shouting Matches, Megafaun, and other touring acts. This period included some side projects, most notably, Dead Men Swey, which was a Halloween feature at a Village of Terror.

After 5 years of performing and putting out a self-produced album, life events steered the members to go their separate ways. 

Eric "Pedals" Thompson, an accomplished bass player from West Central Wisconsin, went on to open a music store called Pedals Music in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and continued playing in multiple projects ranging from jazz orchestras, small combos, rock, blues, funk, psychedelic noise groups. 

During their break, Nicholas spent time focusing on building his repertoire of original songs, traveling around the country, and eventually making his way to Denver, Colorado with a head full of songs and a chance to focus on his music. He bought an upright bass, a used Baldwin, and began working on a new project right away. He called this project SisterS. Nicholas began networking and working with a variety of musicians around the Denver area until one fateful day, the stars aligned just perfectly. Eric called and stated he would be making his way through Denver and wanted to catch up. They got together and after presenting Eric with the tunes, he agreed to cowrite the project. After many focused hours and patience the HuCKLE BEARErS were born.

Within the first month, the HuCKLE BEARErS recorded an acoustic EP and began performing in Denver and around Northern Colorado. Shortly after, they were on tour through the Midwest. They acquired residency gigs at Penrose and DC Oaks in Fort Collins, and have been performing at The Black Buzzard, Mercury Café, The Roxy, Larimer Lounge, and other venues in and around Denver, Colorado. 

the HuCKLE BEARErS are a Duo with the option to perform as a Trio with drums. They are prepared to play up to a 3.5-Hour set.

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